Saturday, February 12, 2011

17/365 Last bit of fun before heading home

Yes, more goofy golf. At $2.50 for adults and a $1 each for the kids we sure weren't complaining about the cost, and the boys just loved it.

Goofy Golf in Ft. Walton Beach

Goofy Golf in Ft. Walton Beach

16/365 Getaway Day 2

Lots more pool

Fun in the pool

shopping, dining out, and giving in to treats

Krispy Kreme

and the highlight for the boys

Goofy Golf in Ft. Walton Beach

15/365 A winter weekend getaway

We drove to a town not to far from home for a little weekend getaway. It was really nice to be somewhere different, but not to have a big drive to get there or to go home when it was all over.

We started the day with a trip the Gulfarium.

Trip to the Gulfarium
Trip to the Gulfarium
Trip to the Gulfarium

Then we checked in to the hotel and of course the first thing the boys wanted to do was get in the pool

Fun in the pool

I told V I wanted to catch sunset on the beach but there was much procrastination from all the male members of our little family so we missed it.

Twilight on Ft. Walton Beach

14/365 Backwoods Barber Shop

I'm way behind, but still taking pictures. Going to start playing catchup.

While driving through Holt I mentioned to Vaughn he should get his hair done and he surprised me and agreed so we stopped at the Backwoods Barber Shop

Backwoods Barber Shop

and he disappeared inside for a while I sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful day, a good book, and the slow pace of Holt, FL.

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