Tuesday, October 19, 2010

289/365 Pumpkin Patch

We went to Holland Farms for their pumpkin patch and had the best time.

Holland Farms Pumpkin Patch

Holland Farms Pumpkin Patch

Enjoyed free boiled peanuts

free boiled peanuts - Holland Farms

free boiled peanuts - Holland Farms

and had a hay ride.

Hay Ride - Holland Farms Pumpkin Patch

Okay, I skipped that part, I'd gone on one with the boys at the Jay Peanut Festival, and it was crazy crowded. So they enjoyed that one with Daddy, and I enjoyed sitting on the front porch rocking and watching.

Oct 16, 2010

288/365 A visit

My sister visited today, helped my mom do a bunch of stuff at her still unsold house, and she played some with the boys.

visit from Aunt Pam

And L gathered "beautiful leaves" to give to give to me. <3

Leaves of gold and green

Friday, October 15, 2010

287/365 Cute!

Ready to attack!

286/365 Doorway

On Main St. in Crestview. V and I drove over to see his mom in the hospital and after he wanted to stop at Coney Island and get him some lunch. I took this shot while waiting for him.


285/365 drop off/bus waiting

Heading home from school drop off.

Early Morning Sun

Waiting at the bus stop.

Fall in Florida

284/365 The things of life

Post mammogram goodies.

from my mammogram

Then I let my mom take me to her favorite place to eat lunch.

Country Fried Steak at Kwik Burger

283/365 Getting work done at my mom's place

V needed to fix the sprinkler system so the boys played, and I took pictures.

At Granny's old place

At Granny's old place

At Granny's old place

White Rose of Sharon

October 10, 2010

282/365 Busy Saturday

Depot Day

Depot Day - Milton, FL

Depot Day - Milton, FL

Depot Day - Milton, FL

Depot Day - Milton, FL

Depot Day - Milton, FL

And shotgun shell lights for the tree!

Jingle Bells Shotgun Shells and String of Fish

281/365 Friday

Early check-out.

Early Check-out



280/365 Smile!

taking pictures of each other

279/365 Blackwater at Deaton Bridge

We went driving while the boys were in school and found ourselves here. I wanted to get in despite the chilly day.

Deaton Bridge - Blackwater River

Deaton Bridge - Blackwater River

278/365 Fat Cat


277/365 Kitten Time

So cute!

Kitten time

276/365 Jay Peanut Festival

Arriving during the first hour after opening on Sunday morning is a bad idea. So much wasn't up and going, including all the kids area and the little train, and I had unhappy boys because of that.

Jay Peanut Festival - 2010

The hay ride we did take was nice, the weather was absolutely perfect, but when it was an hour after opening and the situation was the same with the kids area, we left.

Peanuts weren't the only thing plentiful in Jay.

field of cotton

Rotoballes - Jay, FL

Sunday, October 3, 2010

275/365 Busy

We visited the Crestview folks where we saw a snake

Ribbon Snake?
(it's been set free)

ate at Gartz Pizza in Holt (Soo good!)
Cheese Pizza

Went here
Boys and Blackwater

And found these
found kittens going for the food

274/365 Lunch

Janel and I finally got our lunch! So glad we did, and I wish we could more often!

Chili's Bottomless Tostada Chips with salsa
I cannot resist these. The salty goodness is just too much.

273/365 End of the Month

PJ clad madness
Pajama clad boys wait for their dad to return to the can. Staying in their seats isn't an option.

272/365 The old man had a birthday

The best part of a failed family shot.


271/365 Garbage

We were behind it

Garbage Truck - Milton, FL

270/365 Three from Today

The booths/tables were full and the lunch counter was busier than I'd ever seen.
Busy lunch counter at Kwik Burger

Dragon Fruit that we did not buy
Dragon Fruit, tomatoes on vine, avocado

Moth on the sidewalk
Tersa Sphinx Moth

269/365 Rural Roads

We made a trip to Alabama and did some driving around and had a really nice time, though this long, often pine lined, road was one I'd chose not to take again.

Rural Life

268/365 First Time Fishing

Unbelievable it took us this long. Unfortunately no fish were caught.

Fishing Blackwater

Fishing Blackwater

267/365 A Full Day

V and I went out to lunch with an old friend, who also happens to be a former SIL, and her newish hubby and happily, it went well. But there will be no picture from that, instead you get a couple of varied shots from the day.

Spanish Moss at Blackwater River
Spanish Moss along Blackwater River

red impatiens
Red Impatiens from our front bed

266/365 Good Company

My bus stop companion

Keeping me company at the bus stop