Saturday, July 31, 2010

210/365 Yellow and Black

Black-eyed Susan growing at Benny Russell Park - Pace, FL

209/365 Gas fill-up on a hot July day

Citgo on a hot July day

I like the colors, the empty of the pumps, and the shadows and unusually sparse traffic on the road beyond.

208/365 The very best seasonings

Who needs all that fancy stuff when you have salt and pepper?

Salt and Pepper
July 27, 2010

207/365 Point and Shoot weirdness

The boys have been having fun playing with settings and I couldn't figure out just what they'd done so I resorted to resetting the camera. It's nice not to have all the pictures look like this no matter what I did.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

206/365 On Loving True Blood

I've been known to refer to True Blood as vampires done right, which means it's the bloody, sexy, dark and twisted show I've longed for since my early teens. I love the show despite my extreme dislike of much of season 2, and despite the nit-picking I sometimes do because of the books.


If I remember right I started the books during season 1, anxious for more of the characters, more of the story, more of the dark. I can't say that is what I got because the books have a very different tone, and a very different story, even when the settings and characters are the same. But I enjoyed them, and now I find myself wishing I'd waited. It would just have been nice to enjoy the show pure, with no expectations, no "wait a minute, that's not right!" moments in my head where I find myself grumbling when something is changed dramatically and sometimes for the worse. And I'd love to have absolutely no hint of what is coming. I envy V that he is clueless and just along for the ride.

Since I wasn't happy with the picture I'd taken for today, and because I was avoiding housework I grabbed my camera during the second TB viewing of the night and grabbed some shots, including the one above. I would share more, but the best ones are the bloodiest. I guess that's fitting.

If you're annoyed with my inclination to take a shot of what is on TV, well here you go, the pic I took for today.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

204/365 True Love

I have it for True Blood.

True Blood comic #1

203/365 Embarrassing

We ate out twice today as we didn't plan well and we were running here and there. It was ridiculous. The only saving grace with the meals is I didn't eat much of either of them. Of course that also means I threw money away on food that wasn't good. :( Anyway, to top off our extravagance we stopped at Oh Snap! Cupcakes. The Dalmatians, (chocolate cupcake w/cream cheese and choc. morsels baked inside/cream cheese frosting) were heaven.

Oh Snap! Cupcakes
Thurs - July 22, 2010

202/365 Infusions no more

Well, at least for the next 6 months. My numbers remain good and I just hope once those 6 months have passed I'll hear the same.

Waiting Room

201/365 Waiting

So much of it.

Speech Pathology

Monday, July 19, 2010

200\365 Mowing

The back yard is looking a little wild, don't you think?

We like to pretend it's on purpose, that we are going for that natural look.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

199\365 Surprise at the grocery

Stopped at the Grocery Outlet, a small store in the little town next to this one, and was amused as hell to see this in the meat case.

pig head in the meat case

198\365 Destin

We went to Destin on Saturday. The goal was to hit the outlet mall and then go to Ft. Walton Beach and do the Gulfarium. It all went wrong, no one was feeling too great, so we didn't last long before we headed home.

This is Crab Island. It's an underwater sandbar where boaters drop anchor and swim and play. It always tempts me every time I see it.

Hanging out on Crab Island - Destin, FL

Shrimp boat in Choctawhatchee Bay. Quick shot grabbed while crossing the bridge.

Shrimp Boat seen from Mid-Bay Bridge

197\365 VBS

G went this week, but L didn't because he had swim at his summer camp and he didn't need to miss those lessons. Anyway, G had a great time, and it was fun to watch him sing at the closing program.

doing the VBS "Saddle Ridge Ranch" theme song

196\365 Due to the oil spill in the Gulf,

This was inside the front cover of the menu at David's Catfish.

BP Oil Spill and seafood

195\365 Hot, Hot, Hot


Hot Day in Milton, FL

Weds July 14, 2010

194\365 Life on the River

It's just been too damn hot for words. Since the beach isn't an option right now and we don't have access to a pool without driving to Pensacola we decided Blackwater was the way to go.

River Boys

River Boys

We ended up at the bridge because the rest of the park was so crowded. It actually worked out well since we had the shade. Normally people are fishing, swimming, or :uh just parked here, too, so we were lucky to get the spot.

River Life

While we were there 3 guys jumped from the bridge. V saw what they were going to do and filmed it.

That "Oh man!" at the end is G.

193\365 I thought this day was a fail

I swore I was doing this daily but I couldn't find any image taken for the 12th so I posted an I failed entry and just went on. Today my crappy cell saved me. Bored because I'd forgotten my book I found myself going through the images on my phone while waiting for L's speech to be finished, and that is when I found this. Score! Oddly I remember pulling this out of my wallet to throw away then deciding to take a pic of it, but I don't know why I did. A very Dara moment for sure.


Goodbye to Movie Gallery. I, like so many others, hardly ever used you, and now you are gone. I do appreciate the ridiculously cheap movies I've scored in your going out of business sales, especially the blu-rays. Knowing me one day I'll be taking a picture of those.

192\365 Park time

I've still been taking daily pictures but I've been neglecting the blog, so it's update time.

I didn't feel well this day but in an effort to give the kids some fun while they burned off some of that bounce off the walls energy they are known for we hit a couple of parks.

At Carpenter Park

Saturday, July 10, 2010

191\365 Giving my mom a good day.

I played chauffeur and drove her to rural places. She chatted away, happy, and as usual there was a lot of reminiscing. We drove past a place we'd lived many lives ago which is hardly recognizable to us now, we visited the graves of her parents, and when we returned to Milton she got to eat at one of her favorite places.

Bread served with daily special at Bass's Kwik Burger
Bread served with the Daily Specials at Kwik Burger

Friday, July 9, 2010

190/365 Earned

My boys earned this, and are very pleased with themselves.

Nintendo DS lite X2

We actually already had the red DS and getting the second was a huge surprise. They thought they were working towards the Mario Kart and Mario Party games. It was really fun to see their faces when they saw the second one. I needed a picture of that but was too busy enjoying the moment.

189/365 Buffet Food

From an always crowded, small town, AUCE buffet.

Lunch at Desi's - Crestview, FL
Desi's - Crestview, FL
$8.00 includes drink.
Thursday July 08, 2010

188/365 River

We don't spend enough time at it.

Blackwater River State Park

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

187/365 Green

Time to see if all that infusion business is holding, or if the numbers have dropped again and I'll be back on that fun ride.

Won't hear the results until the 21st.

186/365 Summer Weather

185/365 The 4th of July

A day of good friends, watermelon


watching fireworks

and lots of cuteness!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

184/365 Hanging Around

Snail Shell
Saturday July 3, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

183/365 Critters

We've been admiring this orchard spider and I decided to try for a shot with my macro lens today. Not exactly what I was going for but I still like it.

Orchard Spider

Then Janel brought my sweet nephew Kevin to visit! I enjoyed seeing him almost as much as I enjoyed the visit with his momma. :)

Kevin the Miniature Schnauzer

182/365 Eclipse

Blair and I saw it today and after we had Mexican for a too quick lunch. Fun day!

Eclipse Collector Cups
July 1, 2010

181/365 Hot, Rainy Days

Tired of it.


180/365 A visit to the country

I took Blair and the girls out to my sister's for some country living. We saw dogs, and chickens, and pigs, and goats, and a donkey. There was a vegetable garden, swinging, and eating blueberries right off the bush. And then we treated them to lunch. Only the finest for our friends!

Fran's Country Grill - Menu

179/365 Summer Activities

Avalon Bowling Center
June 28, 2010