Sunday, July 18, 2010

193\365 I thought this day was a fail

I swore I was doing this daily but I couldn't find any image taken for the 12th so I posted an I failed entry and just went on. Today my crappy cell saved me. Bored because I'd forgotten my book I found myself going through the images on my phone while waiting for L's speech to be finished, and that is when I found this. Score! Oddly I remember pulling this out of my wallet to throw away then deciding to take a pic of it, but I don't know why I did. A very Dara moment for sure.


Goodbye to Movie Gallery. I, like so many others, hardly ever used you, and now you are gone. I do appreciate the ridiculously cheap movies I've scored in your going out of business sales, especially the blu-rays. Knowing me one day I'll be taking a picture of those.


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