Thursday, July 29, 2010

206/365 On Loving True Blood

I've been known to refer to True Blood as vampires done right, which means it's the bloody, sexy, dark and twisted show I've longed for since my early teens. I love the show despite my extreme dislike of much of season 2, and despite the nit-picking I sometimes do because of the books.


If I remember right I started the books during season 1, anxious for more of the characters, more of the story, more of the dark. I can't say that is what I got because the books have a very different tone, and a very different story, even when the settings and characters are the same. But I enjoyed them, and now I find myself wishing I'd waited. It would just have been nice to enjoy the show pure, with no expectations, no "wait a minute, that's not right!" moments in my head where I find myself grumbling when something is changed dramatically and sometimes for the worse. And I'd love to have absolutely no hint of what is coming. I envy V that he is clueless and just along for the ride.

Since I wasn't happy with the picture I'd taken for today, and because I was avoiding housework I grabbed my camera during the second TB viewing of the night and grabbed some shots, including the one above. I would share more, but the best ones are the bloodiest. I guess that's fitting.

If you're annoyed with my inclination to take a shot of what is on TV, well here you go, the pic I took for today.



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