Friday, November 26, 2010

329/365 Thanksgiving

The day didn't quite turn out like it was supposed to. My mom was feeling rough from her battle with pneumonia, L was recovering from a scary night where we almost ended up in the ER with his breathing and a mystery fever, and my sister was too sick to come. V and I set out in the morning for breakfast...

I ordered something normal though a bit more plentiful on the meat than I usually order

Thanksgiving Day Breakfast at Cisco's

and he decided to go crazy and order a dish his dad loved, tomato gravy on biscuits.

Tomato Gravy and Biscuits at Cisco's

He said it never looked like that when his dad made it and I commented I'd never seen it look like that anytime I'd seen it eaten. Ew. Yes, he ate it, saying it tasted better than it looked.

After the breakfast we did a bit of shopping, then before heading home stopped by a local grocery to pick up the Thanksgiving dinner my mom had pre-ordered. She had wanted a traditional, at home, Thanksgiving meals without any of the work. At least the ham tasted good. I'll let that stand as my only comment on the food.

Obligatory dogs with boys pic from when we took part of that meal out to my sister and BIL. Sharing the, uh, joy of such a meal with the sick is the sisterly thing to do, right?

Carolyn and Sarah with Lucian and Gus

Early in the evening we went down to the riverwalk just to get out of the house.

Lights on Blackwater

And thus another humid, hot, fall/winter holiday was done.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

328/365 Yum!

V and I managed to have a little lunch date, just the two of us.


327/365 Park time

At Carpenter Park

At Carpenter Park

326/365 fail

No picture.

Nov 11, 2010

325/365 Gardening

My sister had some things to plant and asked the boys over to join her. G has been wanting that to happen, so he was extra happy about it. L lost interest after a bit and did his own thing.

Garden life

Garden life

We came home with the grossest looking home canned item ever, mullet.

Canned Mullet

324/365 Early Thanksgiving Meal

V's family came over and we had an early Thanksgiving meal together. It was nice, and the weather was perfect. After everyone was gone we went to the Riverwalk just to get out a bit.


323/365 This is my favorite time of day.

The sun has set

322/365 Elementary School Thanksgiving Feast

It was fun to go have lunch with each of the boys. The food was less than impressive. They were out of the turkey in gravy when it was lunchtime for #2. I don't feel like he missed much.

elementary school Thanksgiving Feast

321/365 A bit of red for Fall

There is so little color I feel compelled to shoot it when I see it.

Hint of Fall

320/365 Cuties


319\365 Fear me


318/365 Benny Russell Park

Benny Russell Park

317/365 Fall in Florida

Fall in Florida

316/365 I don't even know what this is about

But it's the only pic I took on this day, so here you go.

I don't even know what is going on here

315/365 Veteran's Day

Milton Veteran's Day Parade 2010

Milton Veteran's Day Parade 2010

Milton Veteran's Day Parade 2010

Milton Veteran's Day Parade 2010

Milton Veteran's Day Parade 2010

Milton Veteran's Day Parade 2010

Milton Veteran's Day Parade 2010

Blue Angels Homecoming Show 2010

V took a couple of those.

314/365 Lunch

Brown's Grocery - Holt, FL

Catfish lunch from Brown's Grocery in Holt, FL

313/365 fail

no picture for today

November 9, 2010

312/365 This would have been a great shot

This would have been a great shot if I'd been anywhere but in my mom's car with her driving.

This would have made a great shot

311/365 came home with a surprise

Found this little guy in the shells from yesterday.

Tiny crab on part of a sand dollar

310/365 The Beach in November

Leaving the beach

Pensacola Beach

with a good friend

Pensacola Beach

really should have thought to bring extra clothes. Whoops!

Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach

The sting rays were a nice touch.

Boys and stingrays

Stingrays off Pensacola Beach

309/365 The cute continues

Another focus fail!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I found this tin in a thrift store a number of years back for $.50 and I still love it.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

307/365 Prepared

Waiting to get the boys at the bus stop.

Waiting for the bus

306/365 I voted!

Did you?

I Voted

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

305/365 November is here

Where did the year go?! It sure started off warm.

November starts off warm

And now, more kitties!


Blurry Talllulah

304/365 Halloween!

There was a thread on a certain board I frequent that asked about anything odd in the children's trick or treat candy, and this is what I have to offer. I had no idea they packaged candy like this.

Harvest Seeds - Scripture Candy

This one isn't new, they each got one last year.

New Testament

303/365 Early Halloween

The city voted that it happen today, not on Sunday, so there was the church fall festival

Olivet Baptist Fall Festival

G dunked her 3 times because they let the young kids get close
Olivet Baptist Fall Festival

Then there was Trick-or-Treating

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!