Tuesday, April 19, 2011

88/365 Six

My baby boy is 6! How did this happen so quickly?

87/365 View

This is the view as I pull out of the school parking lot from morning drop off.

View leaving school parking lot

86/365 Treats

Treats from Milton Bakery

Sunday, April 17, 2011

85/365 Busy Saturday


School thing

Birthday party

stop at a new park

Patriot Park

Patriot Park

Patriot Park

Patriot Park

84/365 Freedom

A crappy cell phone pic to celebrate the day I don't have to return here. My numbers are even better, no more infusions for me!


83/365 Around my yard

Dogwood in bloom


tiny white flowers



82/365 Labs


Time to see how things are doing on the anemia front.

81/365 This is crazy

but we ate out again. All the running back and forth to the hospital with Amanda had us crazier than usual and my lack of organizational skills didn't help. This time we went super cheapy, the deli in the grocery store that featured this!

The Grocery Outlet Deli - Pace, FL

80/365 Out to lunch with my mom and sister

This was our view.

View at Addie's Seafood Grill - Milton, FL

79/365 Trip to my sister's

March 20, 2011

Prickly Pear fruit

Dancing Lady Orchid

Azalea bud

Saturday, March 19, 2011

78/365 Love the view

Late breakfast by the river.

Pretty day on the river

Boys spent most of the afternoon playing across the street with our neighbor's grandsons.

77/365 Wounded

The road hasn't been kind. Time for knee pads??

wounded boy chilling with TV and popcorn

76/365 Almost forgot again


75/365 Shamrock Shake

This picture would have been perfect for tomorrow

Shamrock Shake

but the green is perfect for saying Happy Birthday to Janel, since it's a color she loves. Hope you had a fantastic day!

74/365 Waiting

Warm day, cool breeze, attention divided between a good book and a fat bumblebee who danced around the blooms. I took a couple of bad shots,

County Fence

Country Fence

and stepped in an ant bed. Luckily I only had one bad bite despite the swarming they did on my feet and legs. As we were driving home Amanda mentioned what a great picture the ants and eggs and chaos would have made. Why couldn't I have thought of it at the time?

73/365 No pic

72/365 Slow Sunday

Sculpture near the Tippin Ave post office.
sculpture from a tree

71/365 Busy!

Washing the Element
Washing the Element



at McDonald's
at McDonald's
(L added the heart)

Post bath getting dressed

ending the day
My boys
at the river

70/365 Heading Home

Heading Home

With back and forth to the Pcola hospital where Amanda gets her daily infusions, and occasional runs to Baker for her or her mom's fam doc, we are always on the go these days. Breaks comes when A is her home for a few days, her guy off work so he can take her back and worth, or when her dad drives over to handle all the appointment transporting. I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining, I'm definitely not, just documenting what life is like right now. Thankful for these days, the reality of what was and the alternate ending we came very close to still gives me nightmares.

69/365 A few




68/365 Some days

Some days I might as well have not taken a picture.


cat toys
March 9, 2011

67/365 Stopped at the new bakery in town

Had a Banana "Little Bubba" and it was good.

Banana Little Bubba Pie from "Bodacious Pies & Bakery"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

66/365 Our view during lunch

V and I had a quick lunch down by the river.
Blackwater River

65/365 Bookmark

He is on it.

Gus, and my Gus bookmark!

64/365 Rainy night

Rainy night

63/365 Loropetalum

They are in bloom everywhere, so pretty!


Friday, March 4, 2011

62/365 Books

On top of buying from the monthly flyers each teacher sends, there was also the book fair. Just a small sample of the scholastic in this house.

Scholastic Bookclub Books

Also, Mardi Gras parade, but I was stuck home with the boy that couldn't go (don't ask) so no pictures from there.