Friday, December 31, 2010

365/365 A year is done.

Street preacher on New Year's Eve holding a sign that says "any man thirst let him come unto me and drink"

New Year's Eve Street Preaching -Milton, FL

Things were quieter downtown.

Milton Christmas Tree near the Imogene

If I had it in me I'd try to sum up the year in pictures. 2010 has been good and bad, and amazing and ordinary. This really is just for me anyway and looking back month by month brings back so much. If you've read any of this, thanks! And yes, I think I'll do it all again.

364/365 If ever the local life tag was accurate, this is it.

Gross, yet fascinating, and ridiculous all at once. Come on, people, dispose of this kind of thing properly.

Deer Carcass next to Chili's - Pace, FL

Want a better look at it? click

363/365 Kitties



362/365 Trains and Pigs

Railroad Crossing

Pot bellied pigs

361/365 Goodbye for another year

Boxed up for another year

360/365 Relaxing Day

Lucian and Verbena watching TV

359/365 Merry Christmas!

Christmas Morning!

Christmas Morning!

Christmas Morning!

Cujo patiently waiting

Visit from Uncle Alan and Aunt Jonna!

358/365 Christmas Eve

at Carpenter Park

Carptener Park on Christmas Eve

Everything is ready

Ready for Christmas Morning

357/365 December Day on Blackwater

December Day on Blackwater

December Day on Blackwater

December Day on Blackwater

356/365 Christmas Lights

We took another trip to see them.

Chrismas on the Riverwalk - Milton, FL

Sowell's North Pole Holiday Lights

Sowell's North Pole Holiday Lights

355/365 Tangled

We went, we saw, we loved it! While at the theater this displayed caused a "Momma, take a picture of me!" moment

A "Momma, take a picture!" moment

354/365 Random

Stray that my oldest is working on adding to the family. He has named him Mario.


In the back yard

After the Rains

Doing this week's Build and Grow at home

Doing a Build and Grow project at home
Lowe's Build and Grow Christmas Train

Thursday, December 30, 2010

353/365 Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus bloom
Dec 19, 2010

352/365 Odd Bathroom Art

Up The Creek Country Store - Milton, FL

Mural in the bathroom

351/365 pressed against the window

Out the Window

350/365 Kitten and Candy

Lucian and Tallulah

349/365 Three

Mom took me to lunch

Fried Chicken lunch at Kwik Burger

Books came!!
Early Christmas Gifts!

Kitty attacking the tree
Cat Attack

348/365 Caution

December 14, 2010

347/365 Santa Shop

My gifts from my boys, bought at the Santa Shop at school.

My gifts from the Santa Shop

346/365 Red and Gray

Curly and Frizzy


345/365 20 days to go!

Took a spin in Granny's new ride.

Looking at a ladybug

and enjoyed the matchy of my wallet with my new bag.


344/365 Flowers

From the birthday bouquet my sis gave my mom.


343/365 Night in Milton

Milton at night
Dec 9, 2010

342/365 Spotted

A Zombie Invasion Response Vehicle

Zombie Invasion Response Vehicle

Also, get your chimney cleaned!

341/365 A very good, busy day

Started off a cold, proper winter day

Cold morning / school drop-off

Lunch/Christmas gift exchange with one of my besties

Georgia Chopped Pork Sandwich

Hot Fudge KahlĂșa Brownie

Early Christmas Presents!

Then home for bus pickup, and two boys happy with gifts from their Auntie.

We're going to Cici's!

Perfect day! <3

Tuesday, December 21, 2010