Friday, August 27, 2010

238/365 A very long day

Spent much of it at hospice sitting with my SIL so she wouldn't be alone as she watches someone she loves die. Came home after MIL arrived and got the boys off the bus. L began mentally breaking down the moment he was home. When he wasn't crying he shared he'd almost fallen asleep on the bus. Fever was 101.8, throat was swollen and nasty red.

Picture of the day is this.

Hospital Food

My SIL told me to lift the cover and see what lunch was. It was for her, he is beyond eating now and doesn't wake. The "field peas" amused me and she laughed a little laugh and told me to go ahead and take a picture of it. Family knows me well. After snapping that I made a run to Whataburger for her and MIL, getting them what wanted.


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