Sunday, August 29, 2010

241/365 Imagination

L's unicorn has had quite a day. It traveled to a neighboring town and back, it took a nap along the way causing everyone in the car to speak in whispers, and once awake it needed to use the bathroom. It used a piece of paper in the car, which L carefully folded at the corners to keep the rainbow colored mess from getting on anything. Once home he took paper from my printer and made a place on the floor for future such needs.

L's Pillow Pet uses the potty here

My SIL's hospice vigil ended this morning around 3 am. We were back and forth a couple of times today, once with kids and once without. Long story there that I don't have the energy to share. Tomorrow more back and forth, plus boy #1 goes to the dr, and cat #1 goes to the vet. Somewhere in there V will need to sleep because tomorrow night he will be working 12 hours. There is boy #2 to get to and from school, as well. If I am not as present as normal tomorrow you now know why.

Not writing all of that to complain, just to remember. I read one of my older journals recently and it was amazing how much I recalled from a few written words. I hope I can get back to that.

I should be asleep.


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