Sunday, January 10, 2010

10/365 Lazy Sunday Afternoon

sleeping kitty

I was thinking how uninspired I felt then I decided I liked the light coming in the room. Instead of grabbing my good camera and actually trying, I went with the point and shoot sitting on my desk. Didn't love the results, still don't, but after playing with it for a while this will do. I like the image for today since we've all spent most of afternoon doing the equivalent of curling up in a chair and vegging.

That's Princess barely noticeable in the chair, the sweetie who adopted us not too long after we moved in. Lately she has been sleeping the day away vampire-like, rising once the sun has set, then insisting on going out despite the below freezing temps. Morning comes and she returns, sometimes leaving one of her victims at the front door as she struts in to claim her resting spot.


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