Wednesday, January 20, 2010

20/365 Rocky

We pulled into the Red Barn BBQ and Lucian yelled out "Oh, park in the rocks! I need to find Rocky!" so Vaughn pulled around to the side of the building and into a spot. Lucian was now calling "Rocky! Where are you Rocky?! I am looking for you!" and as soon as we were parked he was out and scouring the ground until he triumphtly lifted one of the rocks and said with glee "Rocky!!" Rocky proceeded to go into the restaurant with us, and even went to the bathroom when Lucian did.

This is not the first Rocky, they usually end up in one of the flower beds. He puts them together so they won't be lonely. Others are put down along the way and forgotten.

All too soon he'll forget about this, or feel to old to indulge, and there will be no more Rocky Rocks to come live with us. I really do hope it's not too soon.



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