Friday, January 8, 2010

A Picture a Day - A 365 Project

I'm a little late into the year to be starting this, but here I go. I have been taking shots daily, so there is at least that. Picking just one for each day will probably be impossible for me, so consider yourself warned there may occasionally be more. Today is definitely one of those days, as I play catch-up.


Jan 8

The new scrubber is going at the local Gulf Power plant.

Gulf Power James F. Crist Generating Plant


Jan 7

Daily lunch specials at a local diner.

Daily Lunch Specials


Jan 6

My about to be 6 year old (6, how did that happen?!) made this

Home Depot Kids Workshop Calendar


Jan 5

Crappy cell phone pic of the temp when taking my youngest to school around 8 am.

Unusually cold!


Jan 4

Hell has not frozen over, but we're close! The unusual cold here in Florida hasn't given us any snow, but there has been ice.

Muddy Ice


Jan 3

A new macro lens was the perfect gift! The boiled peanuts were also awesome.

Boiled Peanuts


Jan 2

Sometimes we wait a tad too long to enjoy things.

Waited too long to cut it.


Jan 1

Inspired by the women of MI who have started their own 365 project I hurry to snap a shot before the day is over. Lacking inspiration I decide to go with the remnants of our non-traditional New Year's Day meal.

Prefered New Years Day meal


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