Thursday, March 4, 2010

63/365 Another Infed Infusion

Thankfully there was no crazy long wait to see the doctor today, so everything went much smoother. In at 11:20am, out at 3:50pm, and only one stick this time. I had Toni again, and she doesn't freak out over my difficult veins, she doesn't freak when she unintentionally hurts me, she just gets the job done. I like that. Anytime someone sticks me with a needle and I see blood it's a cause for celebration. The only thing she did I didn't like was try to scold V for not holding my hand. I told her no, he knows what he's doing. I have my own little things I do to handle things I don't like and that might hurt, and that doesn't involve someone holding my hand.

There was a brownie, candle, and a happy birthday song, and a brownie, candle, and a happy last chemo day song. The woman who was having last chemo day had her husband take a ton of pictures for her caringbridge page, which made me feel okay about pulling out my own camera and taking a couple of pictures. Much better than the crappy cell phone.

See, crappy cell phone! Told you. Here it is with the other things keeping me company during all that stuck in the chair time. It feels like I'm never going to finish this book, it is an insanely easy read but there is nothing there that makes me want to keep reading. The DS is for Brain Age games, but I do terrible when I am in a place where people are talking, and there is the noise of a TV, so I don't know why I bother bringing it with me.

Things to keep me busy

bag of the good stuff

Infed Drip

Okay, I admit it, the really good stuff is the Benadryl because I love that floaty feeling when it hits. Yes, the cell camera did get used.

Benadryl and Infed test dose

I go back in 3 weeks and see where I'm at, with another to follow unless my numbers are just stellar.


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