Wednesday, March 31, 2010

90/365 A Good Day

Yesterday really sucked. It was just one of those days where things went bad and I don't even know why or how, they just did. It seemed like everything I did to try to fix it or understand it made it worse, so I went to bed feeling very down.

After that it was pretty darn important to me that today be good. Fearing it wouldn't be I cancelled an early morning chance to see what may be the cutest puppy in the world (fingers crossed that opportunity will be mine again, and soon!) and the truth is this morning wasn't the best. I was letting all the little things get to me, and probably the biggest little thing was I went through 5 shirts before I found one without a spot. Seriously, WTF. I swear they did not go in the washer like that. Grr. Anyway, I was trying to get dressed for a lunch date with someone I've never met before so that was not making me happy. I pushed through all my negativity and went and had a great time! The fact I was wearing a shirt that was #6 on my preferred list meant nothing at all. Imagine that.

After I returned from my lunch with Jessie Vaughn asked if I felt like going to Pensacola with him. We did the things we needed to do and also made a stop at World Market on a whim. I actually was hoping they had this but didn't imagine I'd be fortunate enough to find it. The last one in the store was mine! Victory!

So yay for good days complete with a treat. Wish we all had more of them.


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