Saturday, April 3, 2010

91/365 Santa Rosa County Fair

Too much of Spring Break was all about us being sick, and then taking care of some things that didn't get done when we were sick, so Thursday was finally the day we headed off to the fair.

We arrived shortly after the fair opened, paid our admission, then bought arm bands for the boys and Vaughn. We hadn't planned on that the one for V, but they weren't tall enough to do the bumper cars by themselves, so... And I will add we weren't thrilled the price for said armbands was higher than the newspaper, as well as their own website, had listed. The people ahead of us in line were so annoyed they left.

It was definitely small as fairs go, but we enjoyed the exhibits, and were amused but not surprised to see The God Mobile was there.

God Mobile

The boys were all about the rides and had a great time! Things we didn't do because I didn't go with unlimited pockets were games, the Monster Truck ride, the mechanical bull ride (can you believe no pictures?) and this.

Santa Rosa County Fair 2010


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