Saturday, April 24, 2010

113/365 Friday Infusion

It was supposed to be on Tuesday, and on that Tuesday I showed up in plenty of time for my appointment. The place was packed, it was hard to find a parking spot and there was a long wait for check in, and then there were no chairs available for the infusion. I was sent back out into the outer waiting room where I sat and sat. A woman came out and said there wouldn't be another chair open for an hour and there was a waiting list. That was it for me, I had to be home by a certain time and knowing when I finally did get back there it was going to take 4 hours once the meds actually started, I rescheduled. I heard "Tuesdays are always so crazy! This one is the worst yet!" I wish I had been bold enough to tell the scheduler if they didn't overbook it wouldn't be like this. She was all *dramatic sigh* "I don't understand why it's always this way."

Today things went well. I was there about 5 hours total, and I'm hoping it's my last. I go for a lab next Friday, then I see the Dr. the following Monday to find out the results and if I need more.

Just crappy cell phone pics today.

View from my chair.
View from my chair

Counting down to freedom.
Counting down to freedom


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