Wednesday, April 28, 2010

116/365 The silly things I hold on to.

I can't remember the name of the hurricane that came through. It probably was Erin, Erin did a lot of damage. We were without power for over a week and lost a lot of trees. Anyway, at some point after whichever storm was over my nieces were visiting. They liked to go out and sit by the water, and on this day went to Wayside Park. One had to climb down a retaining wall to get this. It was soaking wet and lodged in some rocks. They brought home their "hurricane find" to give to me, and I've kept it ever since. I can't even remember what storm, but I can remember my beautiful girls laughing as they described the perilous descent to the rocks, an almost busted butt thanks to a slip, and how pleased they were to give it to me. So it's traveled from Pensacola, to Nashville, to Oakville, and back. I'm a sentimental fool when it comes to my kids.


Monday April 26, 2010


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