Saturday, April 24, 2010

112/365 Field Trip, Speech, and Kindergarten Registration

The field trips this year at the pre-k have sucked. Granted L missed a few that wouldn't have been too bad, but this was the second trip to sing at a nursing home and I don't blame L for not liking it. I get the trips are to have the children become accustomed to riding buses and following directions outside of the classroom, and I get the budget has been cut, but the fun factor seems very low to me.

Each day leading up to the even L ask us not to make him go. He wasn't upset, but he kept coming up with fun things to do instead, like go to the zoo, or the beach. And the morning of he didn't ask not to go at all, so I knew he'd be okay.

Three classes attended, with only 8 kids in his class. 3 children weren't there because they were afraid, the rest were out sick. One little boy had spent the last visit there in the teachers arms and that is where he ended up again. Other kids sang their hearts out and danced and seemed to having fun, so it wasn't negative for everyone. Watching one little boy getting down to 'Squirrels in my Pants' was hilarious. He also did the animal sounds to 'Old Macdonald Had A Farm' at the top of his lungs and even some of the residents were laughing. They also seemed to enjoy the little girl who sang 'Tomorrow', and the little boy who did 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.'

After L was loaded back up on the bus I headed home, grabbed his before speech snack and V, and off we headed to the elementary. After he did his thing we got him signed up for 2010/2011 kindergarten. It seems unreal to do that with my baby. I know he's bigger than G, and has been in pre-k, and that we just did this last year with G, but it's different. When we left V said "You're going to be a crying mess the first day of school, aren't you?" I think that's a given.

Berryhill Kindergarten Registration

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