Saturday, March 6, 2010

65/365 Productive, Sunny, Saturday

First Saturday of the month means Home Depot Kid's Workshop, and today they made rain gauges. V said it was one of the easier projects they've done, which I'm sure was nice for him with he usually ends up doing most of the work for L.

After they were home we all went for a walk at the cemetery. The weather has been fantastic, with the temps in the mid 60s and no humidity. The boys started off complaining that walking was boring, and then they whined they were tired. One dramatically threw up his hands and wailed "But it's so far!" (insert huge eye-roll here) When I suggested they take some of the inner dirt roads to see if they could beat us suddenly everything was different. Off they ran, where moments before even walking was too much to bear! And they ran, and ran some more, laughing that they were faster than us. My kids, if it's not fun it's not worth doing.

Eyes peeking


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