Sunday, June 13, 2010

163/365 Shelling Peas

Mid-afternoon we stopped by the Bypass Farmer's Market to pick up more corn for Vaughn and Lucian as both are having a love affair with the fresh they currently have in stock. While there we noticed the peas, and having been longing for some good black-eyes we purchased a bushel and came home and got to shelling.

Granny gives refresher course on shelling

I have to say I remember this going faster in the past. Obviously we are out of practice. And yes, I know it's only a little more to have them shelled for us but then you don't get the snaps, and it's not fresh black-eyed peas without the snaps.

Gus shelled with us the whole time. We watched Honey I Shrunk The Kids, Race to Witch Mountain, and a little of Shrek. Lucian helped at first, then played and watched TV. I was more like him than Gus at that age, that's for sure.


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