Saturday, June 19, 2010

170/365 Leda Turns 5

Actually Leda turns 5 on Tuesday, but today was her party, and Vaughn and I took a ton of pictures. You get the two I like best from my camera.

I love this one, I think partly because Leda doesn't smile that often for the camera. She's very unlike her mother in that way, Amanda was a show off, thrilling in the attention at that age, and for many years after.

I love them happy, I love that I look at this and see Leda at the age I carried Amanda around on my hip. I marvel that Amanda is this grown up woman and that was 25 years ago. It just makes the smile.

Hunter and his friend
Hunter, happy and playing. Before this shot he noticed me and gave me a thumps up, then he grabbed his friend to be a picture. Right after he did both of them looked away at other kids running by.


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