Saturday, May 1, 2010

121/365 Dreary

The air was so thick this morning it was like breathing water. Ugh! Lots of coughing from the little asthma man. We didn't let it stop us, though. We had breakfast, then hit a couple of yard sales, then it was time for all the men folk to do the Home Depot Kids Clinic. (Tons of girls and mom's there, but not my thing.) Afterwards we stopped by Lowe's and picked up that project to go. It had been a long morning and they were ready to go home.

Home Depot Picket Fence Planters

With their Lowe's Build and Grow goodies

Being one of the first at Lowe's they scored a previous project they'd missed, and an Earth Day bag and coupons to go along with today's project. Can't beat the free!


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