Friday, May 21, 2010

140/365 Errand Girl

My mom shoved money at me for Arby's and sent me on my way but wouldn't tell me what to get her. I always find this scenario frustrating as there is a fine line to walk. If I get her something she likes but it cost too much she is unhappy. If I get something cheap but it isn't too her liking she is unhappy. I selected the Philly Beef sub for her, which was cheap thanks to it being on special, and she was pleased, so it was a win for me. And believe me, I do realize it's ridiculous I even care since she won't pick something for herself. And yes, I could be stubborn and force her to make a choice but there is drama in that and sometimes I just don't have it in me to deal.


I was going to say this is as exciting as the day got, but early in the evening my niece called to say she was in the hospital with her diabetes. Her numbers had gotten scary high and thank God she went to the ER, where she was admitted. I hope this is the start of some things changing for the better for her. She's not even 30, has wasted down to 111 thanks to this being out of control, and has been experiencing blurry vision and uncontrolled eating and thirst. It worries me so much.


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