Sunday, May 2, 2010

122/365 The Oil Spill

My pic for the day is this as both these things are on my mind.


I love Nashville, have lived there and still have family there, so it makes sense I'd watch with concern. I am saddened by the lives lost, and am amazed at the imagery. Flooded I-24 with the building floating down it hits me like the I-10 bridge picture after Ivan here in Pensacola.

I can't help but wonder what images are to come. The oil spill should be here Tuesday or Wednesday, and everything I've grown up knowing is going to change. Change is part of life on the coast, you can't experience storms and have things stay the same, but this is different. With storms sand stays white, and there is still marine life, and the birds come back, and the beaches rebuild with our help.

We have so much to lose, and Jessie Whittle gave me the great idea to show you some of it. This isn't as well done at hers, but here you go.

Sand dollarJellyfish

Playing with the Gulf

Catch of the daySound side  at Ft. Pickens thumbnail

Sound side fun at Ft. Pickens

sights from the Southern Star Dolphin Cruise

Wish us luck in what's ahead.

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  1. You so perfectly verbalized what I couldn't in my post. I've lived here all my life, and saying everything I've grown up knowing is going to change... that hits the nail on the head! I even heard someone on the news say they'd take a hurricane over this any day.

    And your pictures are awesome, too! I hope our beaches are spared and we have the chance to take more pictures of those locations in the future!