Sunday, February 14, 2010

365 Catch-up

45/365 Valentine's Day

Treats from my boys

Valentines from my boys

A treat for the 4 of us. We ordered plain glazed at Krispy Kreme and this is what we got.

Krispy Kreme plain glazed on Valentine's Day

and some playtime

Granada Square
Boa Rover - Port of Pensacola


44/365 Imagination

This is Lucian in his rocket ship

Lucian in his rocket ship


43/365 Snow day!!

They were telling us 2 to 4 inches where we lived but I didn't trust them. I mean come on, this is Florida! So when the news started showing snow in lower Alabama I told Vaughn to get his clothes on, we were going. It was awesome! It wasn't much where we went, but it was snow, and we had an unphotographed snowball fight because when you're having fun who has time for pictures?

Snow Heading to I-65 from Atmore, AL
Boys and Snow

And that 2 to 4 inches we were to get? Well snow did fall from the sky for a minute or two. If you look really hard, you can see it here!


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