Friday, February 19, 2010

50/365 Sick

Last night the sick fell on me like a rabid dog intent on tearing me limb from limb. No sleep was had, chills, body aches, and a throat so sore I couldn't swallow without a lot of pain kept waking me when I did manage to doze. This morning I did the mommy thing and got the kids off to school, and took myself for some lab work that had to be done. On the way back from that I zoned out twice and both time came to about to wreck. Not good. So I got my mom to drive me to the doctor so they could diagnose me, a chore she seemed to enjoy. I sat huddled over, miserable and tired, and she chatted away about this and that like we were having such a grand time. It was a relief to get back into the exam room. I nodded off in there, the door opening startling me awake. Embarrassing. Diagnosis is strep throat, solution is a z-pack. I sure hope it works.

Exam Room
Feb 19, 2010


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