Sunday, February 21, 2010

51/365 PNO

Every month the daycare where L's pre-k is has a parent's night out, and sometimes we make use of this and other times we don't. Despite my sick we did this time because the kids wanted to go. After dropping them off we stopped by Movie Gallery and rented Adventureland, grabbed some Subway, and came home for quiet time. Laundry was also started, because it needed to be done. So while they played, ate pizza, and watched UP we ate our sandwiches, watched our movie, and listened for the dryer to sound the end of a cycle. V kept yawning because he'd worked a 12 hour day. I did some internet stuff because the movie wasn't rocking my world and didn't require my full attention to follow. When the movie was done we dragged our weary selves out to the car, dropped the movie back off by MG we wouldn't forget to return it later, then got our boys. L rushed to the car, G was slower. Both fell right asleep once home, and so did their dad. I wasn't up too much longer myself. Boring = us, oh yes.

Ready to come home
Feb 20, 2010


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