Monday, February 22, 2010

53/365 Six hours of my Monday

My appointment with the hematologist was at 9:20, but he was late and there was much waiting before I saw him for all of 2 seconds. He quickly showed me labs then sent me on my way to my first iron infusion to battle the ongoing anemia I am dealing with. I'd attempted to have this done once in a past, but after 3 unsuccessful and painful sticks that involved a lot of digging, and the second girl to work on me just shaking her head and sighing, I'd said enough. Today was better. One bad jab, one successful, and no pain like last time. I know who to ask for now, at least, and who to avoid.

First came steroids, then Benadryl, then the test dose and to see if I would have an anaphylactic-type reaction. Cheery thought.

I read until the Benadryl made me too drowsy, then I just talked with Vaughn. He sat there getting me things as I needed them, making me laugh over silly stuff.

When I didn't attempt to die on them they gave me the big bag. (crappy cell phone pic)
Infed (iron dextran) waiting for me

This was my stylish pink wrap to keep my IV secure.

This took place at one of the local cancer centers where outpatient IV chemotherapy services are given. There was a display with wigs and hats, and people came and went, some of which were obviously very, very ill. Most patients who walked in there looked at everyone of us sitting in those recliners and gave each a smile. I returned all smiles and head nods, and said a little prayer for them for whatever battle they were fighting, even if it was just anemia like me. A fearful little part of me fretted this was my introduction to this place and I'd be seeing much more of it. I wish my mind didn't work like that but it does. I didn't dwell on that or let it get me down, I had a bad book to read and a silly husband to chat with, and I'd be damned if I was going to worry over myself there, of all places.

I do go back for at least one more treatment next Thursday, then the doctor will decide if I need more based on labs. I'm hoping this will fix me.


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