Thursday, February 25, 2010

56/365 Doctors, again

There hasn't been a day this week one of us hasn't been at a doctor office. To sum up, Monday was my appointment and infusion, Tuesday V had a very minor surgery to remove a small cyst next to his eye, and then yesterday I had my follow-up.

Today sick boy went, even though he wasn't complaining of a thing, and even though he wasn't running a fever. In true L style there was something wrong and it came in the form of strep throat so gruesome looking the doctor recoiled. "He hasn't been complaining of pain?" No, he rarely ever does. He just stops being L when things are bad with him.

At the same time V was dealing with what was now an open wound where the cyst no longer was. It had happened the night before while he was working, and sounded like a gruesome affair complete with pain, swelling, and nastiness. As soon as L was taken care of we were off to the Eye Institute for him to get checked out.

Proof L is not himself, in front of the Eye Institute is a small bridge that passes over a little pond. He stared out at it as we sat, waiting for his dad to return to the car, and all he said was "That is pretty neat." We waited for over 30 minutes, and he just quietly sat there.

You'd think I could do better than this for the pic of the day, but my mind has been elsewhere. There is no picture of the pond, or any of the other things there could have been pictures of.

Just keeping everything crossed we manage break the cycle and have a doctor free day tomorrow.

Amoxicillin and cheese


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