Sunday, May 16, 2010

136/365 Deluge

Mom wanted to go to breakfast this morning and I agreed. The weather was ominous but we ignored it, going into the dreaded (dreaded by me, not her. She loves the place.) Cisco's with no umbrellas. The bottom dropped out when it was time to go, and the very short run to the car left the boy's pants wet up to the knees and our heads and shoulders soaked. I stopped before getting on the road and grabbed this shot of Ace's thinking it might do the job of summing up the day.

Sunday Morning Deluge

Sunday May 16, 2010


  1. i hope your day improved! we ended up going to publix in the rain, though admittedly not the heavy rain we had first thing this morning!! today was a great day for laying around the house on the couch.

  2. It did, thanks! Yes, lots of laying around and TV watching. Thank goodness for the Wii to help occupy the boys. :)