Friday, April 9, 2010

99/365 Pizza Friday

Every Friday at school is pizza day, which makes G a very happy boy. Today, at his invitation, we went and had lunch with him. They have the TVs on, something he says isn't the norm, so he was more interested in it than us, but it was still cool share part of his day that normally we don't get to. And this is his week as table wiper so he left us at the parent table to go do his thing as his class filed out.

His lunch.

Elementary School Lunch - Friday Pizza Day

Things that really stood out

  • The TVs. I believe him when he says they aren't normally on at lunch, but it blows my old lady mind to think about getting to watch TV while eating at school.
  • Very few kids chose the salad as a side. Mine went with the half an orange, but they could have chosen juice instead.
  • Those that did choose the salad had their dressing squirted on by the woman at the register. A couple of kids came back and said they didn't have enough dressing so she drowned their lettuce, making them happy. She gave one boy extra ranch in an empty part of the tray so he could dip his pizza in it.
  • One of the kindergarten girls had a Twilight lunch box.
  • "Chocolate Rush" and the graphics on G's milk carton. The white milk had exciting graphics, too, and the cartons each had the URL milkrocks dot com
  • All the trash generated was mind blowing. Everything was disposable.
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    1. Very interesting! I'm surprised about the TV's, too. And sad to hear about the trash... we had plastic reusable trays. That seems much more environmentally friendly. :(